Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Questions for MU sem III

Please Answer the following questions!

1.      Please explain the position of the Jews viz-a-viz the Arab tribes in Madinah!
2.      Please describe the political condition in Madinah after the migration of the prophet to Madinah with mentioning the political parties!
3.      In order to unite the inhabitants of Madinah, the prophet made a charter signed by all parties. Please mention the content of the charter and write your opinion regarding the importance of that charter!
4.      About 70 members of Quraysh tribe were killed in the battle of Badr and the same number was taken prisoners. Please describe how did the Muslim treated the prisoners of war at that time!
5.      In the battle of Uhud the Muslims’ army suffered the lost. Please explain the causes of their defeat!
6.      How did the Muslims win the battle of ditch and what are the effects of that victory?
7.       Why did the treaty of Hudaybiah take place? Please mention the terms of the treaty!
8.      The treaty of Hudaybiah is a great victory for Islam. Please give your analysis regarding that statement!
9.      What was happened to Banu Qainuka in the third year of migration? Why?
10.  Banu Qurayzah was the last Jewish tribe that expelled from Madinah. Please describe the reason of the banishment of the Jewish tribe from Madinah, especially Banu Qurayzah!
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